Crocheting lace?

does anyone know how to crochet lace? i’m making a teddy bear for my little sister and i thought it would be cute if it had a little lace bow. i tried looking on google but nothing seemed to help me. :knitting:

There are several kinds of crochet lace. i don’t know what you are looking for but there is hairpin lace, broomstick lace, Tunisian lace, cro-tated lace just to name a few. I would suggest you google crochet bows and see what you find.
>>>After thinking for a while, try looking at crochet edging patterns and find one you like and make that into a bow. I did some googling and figured you would have better luck with an edging. There are lots of edging patterns out there on the net and they are quite lovely.

There are so many edging patterns for crochet that would make the lovely bow you want. Crocheted lace is almost like the patterns for crocheted lace insertions. As suggested, search for crochet edging patterns. You will find what you are searching for.

Also, there is a pattern book for crocheted bows, which I think was published by leisure arts at one time. They were beautiful and looked to be easy to make.

Sorry, I didn’t buy the book and can’t remember its name.