Crocheting in the Round

I have been crocheting for several years. I decided to become more adventurous and try crocheting in the round to make hats and such. I’m not crocheting in a spiral, I’m finishing off each row and adding to it, so my problem is when I do the slip stitch. After I complete the project, I have an odd seam going down where I did all of my slip stitches. Help?

That happens and is normal. I’ve seen a lot of techniques that claim to fix that, but none actually does. Heavy patterning will hide it much better than plain single crochet, and working in spirals where you can gets rid of it, but obviously won’t work for every pattern.

Thanks so much! I don’t know how many times I pulled out my rows only to have the same problem. It drove me crazy not knowing what I was doing wrong!

i always pick a pattern in continuing (spelling) rounds so there is no seam