Crocheting Edge

I am making a small blanket and it has five different colors. Due to the color changes I have yarn tails. I didn’t want to weave in the tails so I thought I might crochet an edge and crochet the tails in the edges. I just don’t know how to get started. Any suggestions. Thanks Margie:knitting: :woot:

I think I would pick the color I wanted for the edge and do one round of single crochet all around the edge picking up stitches where they look best (this would be when you incorporate your ends). If you want to do something like a shell/scallop after that you can pick up the number of stitches that will work for your pattern stitch. If you have crocheted around squares before (even a granny square) you know a little about how to handle corners. If you want to keep it very simple a round or two of single crochet or even dc would be all that is needed.