Crocheted edging question

Okay, this probably seems like an elementary question, but my friend and I have a difference of opinion on this, so I need some definitive advice on it. :teehee:

If you wanted to do a single crochet edging on a knitted piece, using the same exact yarn that you used for the project, would you use the same size crochet hook to make the edging that you used to knit the item? For example, if you used size 13 (9mm) knitting needles, would you probably use a size M/N - 13 (9mm) crochet hook to do the single crochet edging?

Right. You can actually use any size, as long as it is close to the needles you used for the project.

[color=indigo]Crochet hooks are like knitting needles, you need to adjust to get the fabric you’re looking for. Starting with the same size as your knitting needles is a good idea. You may need to adjust up or down to get the look you want, though. I generally match my hook to the yarn just like I do my needles then move up and down to get gauge or the look I want.[/color]

Right. Though you can use any close size, I generally go a size smaller than I would normally use for the yarn, soI get a nice tight edging.

Yes. I used my guage measurement tool to use a crochet hook close in size to my knitting needles on a purple Valentine heart scarf border I recently finished. See the FO link below in the signature area.