Crocheted edging on knitted sweaters

I have sometimes put a crocheted edging on a knitted sweater, usually at the neckline but sometimes the bottom and sleeves, too.
I have never really been completely happy with them, though, on stockinette or anything that might roll otherwise. The darn thing still often rolls for me!

I have the feeling that it is how I am starting out the edging. I begin with a row or round of single crochet, sometimes several, before starting my shells or picots or crab or whatever I’m using.

What might I be doing wrong? Is it just not enough rows or rounds of sc? Picking up too many or too few stitches? Incorrect hook size?

I’d love to hear your ideas and experiences! Also, if anyone can suggest a book with basic crochet edgings that would be suitable for sweaters, I’d appreciate it. I’m getting a little tired of doing shells, picot, and crab!

I’ve heard others here say that, when you make something in stockinette, try to start with a few rows of garter to keep it from rolling. Stockinette just rolls on its own. (There’s a “sticky” on here that describes what to do with that problem too.)

Good Luck!

There are times, though, that garter or seed or other non-rolling stitches just aren’t going to look the way I want before I add that crocheted edging. In theory, since crochet is non-rolling the same way that garter, etc., are non-rolling, a properly executed crocheted edging shouldn’t permit the stockinette portion to roll. That’s why I think I’m doing something wrong here.

I recall Amy writing perhaps two or more years ago that she often finished off her sweaters with crochet. Amy, or anyone else with experience of this, could you help me out here?