Crocheted Edge?

I am making this pumpkin hat, and don’t like the rolled edge. (And also don’t want to frog it and start over.) Can I add a crocheted edge to eliminate some of that roll? If so, how do I do a crocheted edge?


Candi, I think a crochet edge will definately help.

Do you know how to do single crochet? I found that this crochet stitch works very easily. Just pick up around the edges like you would when you knit, except just start into the single crochet. The sc will be fairly dense so you may only need one or two rounds of it. Also you may want to go with a yarn that is slightly thicker to help hold the roll down.

If you don’t know how to crochet then try just picking up and knitting in garter or ribbing.

I can probably handle figuring out a single crochet. Which will leave a less obvious seam the crochet edge or pick up and knit some ribbing? I am guess the crochet edge.


The crochet edge will be less obvious, I think.

You can pick up and add a ribbed edging beautifully. I did it on a sweater and you’d never know that it wasn’t all one piece. I was going to suggest adding ribbing, but thought that you wanted a different edge.

Use a needle a couple of sizes smaller and you can pick up in every stitch around the hat.

Thanks for the replies. Either edging will work, I just want something that doesn’t make it look like an afterthought (which of course it is).