Crocheted Clown Pattern Question

Hi all,

Just joined and good to know that there are others out there with silly questions!

Wanted to make this child’s clown, but the pattern was my Mother’s who has just passed away. So :>(( can’t ask her until we meet again one day !

The pattern is old and is a copy. Couldn’t find the original book. But it says Summer, 1979 by Nan Price. I searched the web, but had no luck. If any one remembers making this particular one can you check your instructions for me? This one says for the hat to repeat rows 2, 4, 5 and 6 for pattern (24 rows). But there is no instruction for a row 6. I just sc the whole row, but seems that 24 rows then is not big enough for the little guys head.

This one is done with variegated yarn and his head and pom pom feet are white. The crochet is spiral for the arms, legs and ruffle.

Different from many on the web, you actually make separate legs and arms. As many other patterns I found make them as one piece and then section off for leg and arm.

So if yours has separate arms and leg instructions it might be the right one even though the release date is different.

Any help is appreciated, please and thanks.

Have a good day,

Calgary, Alberta