Crocheted Barefoot Sandals

Made these for my niece for her birthday today. When she first opened them, she wasn’t sure if they were some kind of kinky practical joke or what. Then after I showed her how to wear them, she didn’t want to take them off! In fact, she still had them on when we left several hours later. Mission accomplished! :stuck_out_tongue:

Birthday present successfully completed! Those look great and you are clearly a cool aunt.

Wow, what an unusual gift and very cute!

Those are beautiful and clearly she liked them!

I think they’d drive me crazy, but then I’m not a kid…nor do I go barefoot much anymore. :lol:

Actually, I tried them on, and you can’t even feel them–or at any rate, they’re a whole lot less restrictive and “heavy” on your foot than, say, wearing a sandal. However, I don’t go barefoot much anymore either.

I’m not sure where she’ll wear these, but perhaps she can have stylish feet at a slumber party or something. You know how teens are–she thought they were “cool,” so she’ll find a way to wear them in front of her friends (at least that’s my suspicion anyway).

Oh absolutely! I always was barefoot where I could be and I spent a lot of my teen years on the beach. Sand might be hard on the toe yarn though. I remember it “sanding” my feet. Hmmm I could use a walk on the beach. :lol:

Did you write a pattern for them? I have a niece, too.

I used the pattern from this site:

However, since I was using a smaller crochet hook than recommended, I had to make some things up for the last two rows to make it “large enough.” Of course, “large enough” is relative because it’s based on foot size and preference for how you want the sandal to look.

These are nice, too:!

And there are others on Ravelry.

Hmmmm . . . . a walk on the beach (with or without barefoot sandals) [I]does[/I] sound nice right about now!

Oh okay! Thanks!

ETA…figured out why I couldn’t find patterns on Rav…I have crochet filtered out because I rarely do it.:teehee:

ETA again… Um… not sure I’m able to do these easily… I don’t crochet well enough. I’ll take a look though because I think my niece would like them, too. She’s 16. :zombie:

I wonder if you could use the center portion of a knitted doily to start a design and then add a bit to it. Then you could just use crochet for the loops and the ties --which are simple crocheted chains.

Maybe use something like this: and then adapt it so that it fits over the top of the foot?

I dunno! I can make up all kinds of patterns with crochet, but I’ve not mastered the art of creating patterns (lace patterns at any rate) in knitting.

It seems, though, that you could also find a fairly narrow lace pattern and just do one repeat of it, which would be more along the lines of this style:

Yeah, those are cute, too. I’ll have to look when I’m back on the computer. It’s harder on the iPad. :lol:

Oh what lovely feet! I’ve seen these, and I swear…nothing could be cuter!

Thanks, ArtLady! Although I could have taken a picture of these on my feet, I chose to let my niece model them instead (she doesn’t have all the chigger bites, owies, and weird tan lines that I have).