I was wondering has anyone done Tapestry Crochet? How hard or easy is it?
I am thinking about giving it a try. I can’t seem to find a lot of patterns for Tapestry Crochet does anyone know where the patterns are?
Thanks for your help!!!

I had never heard of it until Googling it after reading your post.

Looks like the equivalent of intarsia…Probably as easy or hard as the amount of yarn you’d have to carry in the pattern you pick.

I found a few patterns around the net like this one -

and some info on the process at -

I’d like to know more myself, thanks for the heads-up!

Keep us posted on what you come up with!

One more thing on my To-do list! :lol:


I have done Tapestry Crochet and once you get the general idea
it is quite easy to do. I would recommend getting the book
"Tapestry Crochet" by Carol Norton. She has really good instructions
for how to do it flat and in the round and also how to make your
own designs. It is a good beginner’s book!
Libbie :slight_smile:

I have never done it but go to
there are some videos and free patterns therefor all… I was thinking of trying it as soon as some of my works in progress are done.
Good luck! I have bookmarked this page as a place to return to and try.

That is so cool…I want to try that…love the link…

I enjoy the tapestry crochet. It makes a really nice thick fabric. And it’s feltable.
I made a bag out of tapestry squares in wool, then felted it. It hasn’t stretched at all. But it did take much longer to felt it enough then it does with my knitting.