Crochet Xmas stocking

Hi All,

Could anyone help explain the heel part of this pattern? I only seem to be working one side!

This video may help with the Shape Heel portion (especially after about 1.5 minutes).
There are some extra tricks not in your pattern but they seem like good ideas for closing any holes.

@OffJumpsJack and @okckwilter can explain this much better than I can.

It appears there are only three short rows and about six rows total in the heal? Let me look at the full pattern on red heart dot com and get back to you.

So the heal is used to join the stocking in the round just for the heal. Then the foot is again knit flat.
Both the stocking and the foot are seamed after your are done with the toe.
So you join your heal color ten sts from the end of your stocking and SC 9 more. Then wrap the far edge of the stocking around and join with the next 11 sc sts. Turn.
Then it is Three short rows of 14, turn, 7, trim and finally 7. Then you start picking up sts from the stocking at each end until the heal is done.
Join your main color as directed for the foot worked flat (so the seam will fall according to pattern.)
Toe then cuff, etc.
(Draft before final review of Red Heart Pattern)

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