Crochet with thread

I never really crocheted with thread before but I went ahead and tried making a baby blanket I think it turned out okay. I didn’t have a pattern I just went along. Here is a couple of pics. I added a back to it as it is quite thin otherwise. I crocheted it right to the blanket I didn’t sew it. I took a close up of the stitches but it didn’t come out to good but I added it anyway.

That’s very nice, MommaG! Very delicate looking!

Ah! You have made a lace kivver! (At least, that’s what the farm folks on my father’s side would have called it…) When knitted or crocheted clothes started to wear out (or got moth-eaten), the yarn/thread was pulled out, hanked up & washed and made into lacey blankets which were then lined (usually with a pieced liner made from scraps). You made one perfectly! Oh, the lining (without the lace) is a kivver (I think it would properly be called a counterpane.). Nice!