Crochet Website Help?

I have a friend who is learning to crochet. I was telling her about how great this site is and we wondered if anyone of anyone like this for crocheters? :shrug:

Crochetville and Crochet Mania are both friendly crochet forums. :slight_smile:

Here is another one :happydance:

Thank you all so much!!! It’s incredible how much info is available here,and how fast members respond! Thanks again, I’ll pass these on to my friend. :muah:

Crochet Pattern Central (already mentioned above) is great for free patterns. Also check out the stitches and Instruction Tutorial Directory. (I happen to know the site very well! :teehee:

Crochetville (already mentioned above) is a fabulous crochet forum; my favorite.

As for tutorials, your best bet would be to go to for their video tutorials AND which has fabulous tutorials of all sorts for all things crochet.