Crochet web site

Does anyone know of a crochet web site like this one, with short videos? I couldnt knit till i watched the videos here. Still just a newbie, but.

No, but have you tried looking on There seem to be plenty of crochet tutorial videos there.

There’s a site called next that has some videos

you can check and type in learn how to crochet hope that will help u

First, it is [B][U]Nex Stitch (just two tees)[/U][/B] website and they have tutorials for regular crochet and also for Tunisian.

One of our fellow member here at KH, MGM (Mary Grace McNamara) has a [B][U]crochet section on her hooked on needles website[/U][/B].

Pictures and well written instructions at [B][U]Wool Crafting dot com[/U][/B] are helpful.

There is also a [B][U]Crochet[/U][/B] forum (or thread group) here on KH. You may find answers there using the “search this forum” tool.

I’ve also found [B][U]Crochet 911 & Knit 911[/U][/B] to be helpful with well written explanations of stitches with illistrative drawings.

Try, he has [B][U]videos for the basic stitches[/U][/B]. I had nearly forgotten about Hartmut Hass’s site. He also shows the [B]symbols[/B] for the crochet stitches (both US/Japan and EU symbol standards).

I often sketch out patterns using these symbols to visualize the WIP so I can better answer crochet questions.

Good luck! (And welcome to the [B][U]Dark Side[/U][/B] of the fiber! :wink: )