Crochet v knitted

oh sorry, im making

Progress is painfully slow as i keep putting it down and getting distracted by knitting projects at the moment.

i will finish it by christmas i hope as i would love to have it for the cats by then, another presant for them sorted out.

Hi, Susi -

I’m new here. I’m actually going to make a blanket for my stepdaughter’s bed. She has a full size bed and I am planning to make one to cover the top of her bed (not down the sides).

Here’s a very simple pattern -

Crochet hook Size N
Yarn - Lion Brand Homespun (any color you choose)
Approximately 8 skeins for a full size bed top

Ch 100 sts. (measure this chain across the end of the bed - is it long enough - too long? Make more chains or shorten as necessary)
Row 1 - Hdc (half double crochet) in 3rd stitch from the hook, Hdc in each ch across. Turn
Row 2 - ch 2 (hdc), hdc in each st across. Turn

Repeat Row 2 until the blanket is the desired length.



Look in Vanna White’s first book. Her patterns are all pretty easy, but there’s one in there (can’t remember the name of it) that you could practically crochet in your sleep. It’s the one that she’s been crocheting backstage for years, and has (probably) made hundreds of them.

If not, then just make a chain long enough for the length of the throw, and then just crochet rows (in whatever stitch you feel comfortable with) back and forth across until it’s wide enough for you. Then, maybe do a single crochet round around the entire thing. voila!

(NOTE: If you use a large hook and hold more than one strand of yarn together, it will be even bigger, and work up even faster.) Have fun!