Crochet to Knitting

Hi there,

I need help with this question…I have a lot of different patterns that are Crochet and I have not learn to Crochet as yet…can these pattern be translated to Knitting terms…I hope I am wording this right…Can someone help me.

It’s really quite complicated to figure out if it’s even possible. The gauge is much different. :shrug:

Some patterns are no problem at all, some are a pain and never look right. For instance, a feather and fan only takes a little thought and a choice of how you want the finished fabric to look, while knitted granny squares…heh, I know they’re possible but they don’t look right to me. Charted things done in single crochet translate pretty well, although you may want to play with the row count a little because knitting will look “squattier”.

Of course, crochet enabler that I am, I’d say just grab the videos, a hook and some yarn and mess with them until it works for you. Not a whole lot in this world is actually impossible; some things are more difficult than others. Fortunately, crochet isn’t one of those :slight_smile:

If you go to the web site there is a book you can buy that supposedly will tell you how to convert patterns. I’ve not bought the book so I don’t know if it is worth the $.