Crochet thread number question

I don’t know a lot about crochet thread so maybe someone here can help me.
What I have is an older brand of crochet thread. It’s called unger jewel metallic thread. The specs are 50% cotton and 50% rayon. It says to use a size 4 needle and it’s 6 stitches=1 inch.
My question is, is this considered a size 5 or 10 weight yarn? Does that make sense? Someone is asking my mother about it in their ebay store and it’s not listed and it’s not something we know much about since we are mainly knitters! Thanks!


Hi Danielle,
I’m sorry I can’t help. I would probaby take the thread to a store and compare the stats and the texture to the various crochet threads there. You might be able to do that on-line too. I hope you can find something!

Thank you. We just sent a best guess and tried to describe the thread as best as possible plus all the information on the back of the skein. I hope that since she’s a crochetter that will be enough info for her to make a decision. Thanks again!


hiya danielle,
Sounds like a #5 to me maybe even size 3. If it was size 10 they would say to use a size 7 or 10 hook.
And remember when talking about steel crochet hooks the bigger the number the smaller the hook. Same with the thread.