Crochet Thread for Baby Clothes

I crocheted for years with yarn and then with the cotton threads.
From time to time I still stop knitting and work with crochet.

I found a pattern in Crochet Today about three years ago for a baby dress made using the ripple crochet method. It would make very nice gifts for new babies. However the pattern calls for cotton thread. A new mother is not going to have the time or desire to block this dress each time it is washed.

Does anyone know of a crochet thread that is a nice blend of maybe cotton and rayon, or any other that would give nice results?

I have looked at what sock yarns are available to me, but they all have drab colors mixed in them. I can never find solid color sock yarn.

I know I can buy online, but I’d rather be able to see and feel first hand before buying.

What about a bamboo yarn? I don’t know much about its washing/drying requirements, but it is very soft and often is a thinner yarn.

The bamboo is soft, but all the ones I’ve seen are too thick. What I need is about the thickness a #1 sock, fingering yarn.

I’ve never understood why the crochet threads are not done in a blend that requires little or no touch up when washed.

Bernat has some fingering weight baby yarn that is 100% acrylic, which would most likely be easy to find at a chain store.

Would that work?

Thanks! That sounds like it would work. The next time I can get near an AC Moore, or Michael’s I’ll look for it. There is little to choose from in my area.

I especially like J.P.Coats Luster Sheen Knit & Crochet yarn.
It’s 100% Acrylic, very nice for both knitting and Crocheting.
Size 1 or 2 needles and comparable size crochet hook.

I haven’t been able to find it in stores recently, but I know it’s still available online.

How about using a size 3 crochet thread? Just a thought, it’s a little thicker, and usually used for clothing from the patterns I’ve read.

Thanks everyone. The stores available to me don’t have crochet thread that is other than 100% cotton. At Christmas they carry one with an added metalic gold or silver, but that would be scratchy against skin and not suitable for a baby. The all cotton threads have to be stretched and blocked after every washing. No one would want the chore of doing that each time the item is washed.

I may have to shop on line if I’m going to find something to make this dress out of.

I have not seen the J.P.Coats Luster Sheen Knit & Crochet yarn in any of the stores but will look for it next time I’m there.

any chance of sharing the pattern its lovely tammie

I would but since my first post I haven’t been able to find my copy. It was in Crochet Today magazine 2008 or 2009.