Crochet squares together

does anyone know of a good website that shows how to crochet, knitted squares together? I was thinking of slip stitching it, but have no idea how.

I don’t know a site or anything, but when I made my crazy quilt I just put right sides together, crocheted through an edge stitch of each square I was joining and just kept moving down the seam. I had no idea what I was doing, which is probably why I can’t describe it well, but it turned out looking pretty good. I’m sure you’ll get a better answer from someone who knows how to crochet!

I just came across this site that has good photos of joining granny squares.

It’s one of the few…there is a real need for a truly good crochet site. Most just seem to lead one in circles.

Well, Crochetpattern Central at is excellent and has a very nice compendium of crochet instruction links.

Another good site with video instructions is Annies Attic at Don’t bother with their knitting instructions – I’m sure they saw Amy’s and just gave up :wink: , but the crochet videos are quite good.