Crochet question

I’m hoping someone can answer this question. I am a knitter but as all knitters know, sometimes they’re are patterns where you need to use some crochet techniques. I am knitting a pattern in one of the one skein wonders book called taos slippers, after you have knitted the slipper, you are to crochet one rnd around the foot opening, then on 2nd row, you sc4, skip 1 , I’m not understanding this part, could someone explain in detail, how to do this step? The purpose is to make eyelets around the foot opening to run a ribbon through. Thanks in advance for any help with this dilemna. :knitting:

My crochet is rusty so if I’m wrong, I trust someone will point it out.

As this is around a slipper opening and probably is meant to reduce the number of stitches, you’re working a decreased number of stitches.

Single crochet in 4 stitches, skip the next stitch and sc in the next 4 stitches, repeat around. In other words, work 4 stitches, leave one unworked, work the next 4 stitches, leave one unworked and so on. The skipped stitch will leave an eyelet and you’ll have 1 less stitch for every 4 in the previous row. HTH

Grumpygramma your totally right. I do both quite frequently. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much Grumpy Gramma!, after thinking about it, what you said makes perfect sense, DUH! Thanks again & have a good day:hug: