Crochet Question?

Hi everyone…I just completed a Knitted “Tam”, however the 1x1 rib (around the beg edge) seems to be a “little big”…I want to add a “crochet edge” to get the edge a little tighter without squashing everything together…Is there any particular crochet st I should use? Or should I just skip a few sts,and use a sc?? Is there any pat sts that might work out to tighten up the edge yet stretch too, just to keep the 1x1 kinda uniform??? Or should I just pu some sts and do a row of K:shrug: Thanks…BTW used the long tail co…

I’d say, if you don’t want to take away from the design, that you might be able to do a crocheted slip stitch all the way around.

You can also try threading some thin elastic through the band. I’d use the round kind like the type that’s used to string beads.
Let us know how it comes out, whatever method you end up with!

Great Idea!!! Thanks alot

[COLOR="#300090"]I’ve crocheted a Tam but haven’t knit one, but the crochet slip has no ease or stretch to it unless the yarn itself has stretch.

Since it is a rib stitch, I would recommend using the front post sc in the knit rib and the back post sc in the purl rib. Use a smaller hook size to tighten the gauge.

Alternatively you can pick up stitches from the top edge of the “hat band” on the inside of the tam and sc/dc around in a one size smaller gauge. An SC or DC on the top, inner edge of that ribbing wouldn’t show.

–Jack :guyknitting: [/COLOR]

Wow thank you…but I did complete it…then using a Crochet Sl st (turned out just o.k…check it out I have a pic under Watcha Knitting _ Rasta) around the rim skipping around a bit on the co edge…:hug: