Crochet Question for MGM

Hi, with regard to my question “always goof up this tech”…I got great answers from Suz…yet I can not “visualize” “joining” in a 3 (or whatever) space…I checked your videos and didn’t see one for that particular question? Am I missing something? can you refer to a video that shows how? Thanks soo much:hug:

We don’t have crochet videos on this site. There’s a picture on the Lion site that shows slip st to join a circle and in a row. There may be some on Youtube.

Yes I know…the question is directed to the person MGM…who occasionally posts here on the crochet thread…

Your post seemed like it was coming from you.

It is from me!! I am asking MGM, the creator of if she has a video showing “crochet in the 3 space chain”…she (MGM) posts here frequently when crochet questions are asked…

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Well, you see, when you have a 3 space chain, aka a chain that consists of three chain stitches, usually done on the round/row before the one you’re working on, you crochet into the space by (wrapping the yarn around the hook for hdc,dc,tr,… not for sc obviously, then) going under the chain 3 space, aka the hole it left, or the arc it forms, then pulling up the yarn and work the stitches as indicated.

But to be honest, “joining” is not frequent into chain 3 spaces. Normally you join to an adjacent sc or chain.

I didn’t read your other post, and now the question is much clearer. When the pattern tells you to join into any ch 3 space, I usually hold the new yarn the way I hold the yarn, then pull up the working yarn through the ch3space, pull a loop through the loop on the hook, then continue normally.
It’s looser, but the weaving in of the ends later should fix that.

You could also put a slipknot onto the hook. For that, you first do the slipknot, but don’t put it on the hook directly. Then you put the slipknot through the ch3space from the back to the front, onto the hook, then you pull the yarn through the slipknot with the hook, by going above the ch3space, so as to fasten the yarn to the ch3space. Then you continue as normal.

Nice answer…great explanation…my pat says to break off yarn…(then I am started a new round) join in any 3 chain space (which I already have) and ch 3 and sc in the “space”…Thank you

Don’t mind me, I’m only slightly confused… :???:

Hi Cheley! Thanks so much for requesting my help by name! Gosh, I almost feel special or something! :aww:

I did make a video on crocheting a traditional multi-color granny square that actually shows how I join a new color in a chain space. If you click HERE and then watch the video to just before the 5 minute mark, that is where I start to show the method I use to do exactly what you are looking for. I am sure there are many other methods, and other people might have other advice, but this is how I do it and it works for me. Give it a try, see if you like it, and let me know if it helps you. I hope it does! :wink:


Yes, you are “special” I follow your crochet videos all the time, as they are fantastic:woohoo: If you remember I requested “Broom Stick Lace” videos…Thank you, you were “right on” my question…:hug:


Sue, thank you! I think it is the first time I’ve seen you :??

…ummmm…you ARE special! I recommend your site all the time!!

Well, you haven’t been around here all that long…

Suz, you ALWAYS have the answers (and we thank you!!). It’s okay to get confused once in a while. Your comment about it makes me smile every time I visit this thread. It’s because I can SOOO relate! :rofl: :hug:

I don’t crochet as much as I knit either, so don’t take my answers as being correct on crochet questions as knit ones.

I concede you have been around more and longer than I, but only by 17,500 posts and one year. :wink: [/color]

Glad to read this thread, lots of neat stuff here! I have bookmarked your site, MGM, and look forward to exploring it fully. I am about to watch the granny square video, haaving just completed my first granny square baby blanket.

My problem is that when I weave in the ends, they don’t stay woven :cry: This has never happened with knitting, only crochet, but it has happened on every crochet project I have done (so far 3). After I wash the item, the ends pop up just as if I had just cut them off in the middle and left 'em. It is most obvious at junctions between colors.

Maybe this is addressed in your video… but am putting this out there in case there is a trick to it.

Many thanks,

I see the video does address this question! I will try the stitching over method next time!

The question wasn’t how to join a chain into a round, but how to make a color change into the 3 ch space. If it were knitting that would be easy, but with crochet you have to work a bit to hide the color change/join.

my pat says to break off yarn…(then I am started a new round) join in any 3 chain space (which I already have) and ch 3 and sc in the “space”…Thank you

Was that SC in [same] space? What comes next after that; in other words what is the rest of the round?

I have a different solution than Blueygh2 for a clean color change into a chain space, but I need the next repeat of the pattern to determine how many chains I would make after my join (color change).

I form a generous tail (6in ~ 15cm) with the new color and double it back as if to work with a double strand. (Now, the hardest part for me is to remember which is the tail and which is the working yarn.) I pull the loop, made by doubling the tail back, through the chain space. Next I pass the hook over the chains and YO with both strands and pull through the loop. (Color is now joined in a way that loosely resembles a SC.) Next I alternate using the tail or the working yarn for the chains. Which I use first depends on odd or even chain count. Alternating will weave in the tail in a clean and secure way while not being as noticeably thick as working with both strands in each chain stitch. This join method is not a slip stitch but SC and will replace one chain in most patterns.

Since a single crochet is as tall as a chain after a slip stitch join, I would now chain 2 (instead of the chain 3 in the pattern) Then I would follow the patter with the “sc in [[I]same?[/I]] chain space.” I can guess that the next stitches in the pattern would either be *{A}work into the next stitch (or stitches) before the next chain spc or {B} chain some number and then (SC, ch2, and SC) all into the next 3 chain space * and then it would repeat from * to * around. It will likely end with a join into the first chain of your color-change ch 3 (but for me that would be into my SC join.)

This sounds like a doily pattern to me and crochet thread has less ability to hide tails and bulky joins. I don’t make doilies any more as I always thought they were more work and fiddling around to get clean transitions. My wife just wants to frame the ones I did make instead of using them as they were intended. :roll: shakes head not understanding

I made a couple circular, short row dish clothes but she wanted to use those as doilies because, “they are too pretty to get dirty.” I just roll my eye at her.

Worse thing is I bet you ladies will all understand my DW and I’ll still be clueless as to why she thinks these things are “to good to use.” :roll:

Good night and good luck with your color joins/changes into chain spaces. I hope my wordy rambling can be understood. If not, just say so and I’ll be back tomorrow or in a few days (or weeks) and give it another shot. I promise to think more in “Venus” terms than in “Mars” language the next time. :slight_smile: