Crochet provisional cast on

hey guys, is it possible to do a provisional cast on with waste yarn and then begin knitting in the round? It wouldn’t be joined on the first row, so do I have to use a different method?

Yep. I am doing that right now. There are several provisional cast-ons.

I wish I could get the hang of this one -

As it is, I do this one -

thanks, I tried the method from this site about a dozen times, but it just unravelled the second I let go of the knot.

The second video is good, but it doesn’t say how to start knitting in the round from that. How can I make the join at the start of the first round when I begin knitting with my MC?

First you have to just knit a row. On the next row you just join like you always do making sure the working yarn is coming from the right needle.