Crochet Pattern to Knitting In-the-Round

Is there any way to convert a crochet pattern to knitting in the round. It’s a pattern with no gauge, so that part of conversion is not a problem for me, and I know how to do it flat, but I just wanted to learn how to do it in the round. I also know how to kind of do single crochet (just a knitting round) but I don’t know how to do double crochet.

Thank you so much!

I know how to double crochet. Same as single crochet hook through, single wrap and pull through. For double you do wrap, through stitch, wrap, pull through 2 stitches, wrap, pull through remaining

Cattails17 here are links to two websites I have used in the past to convert Crochet to Knitting patterns and to get you started.