Crochet Pattern For Beginner


I need a crochet pattern for a beginner.
Thank You!!![/B]

Uh, doesn’t this belong under the Crochet thread?

Anyhow, one simple project [I wouldn’t call it a pattern] would be to chain roughly 5-6", then use single crochet to make a square. Then make an identical second square. Sew the two together and presto! One heck of a pot-holder that will last like forever and can conquer the hottest of pots.


I have a girlfriend who wanted to crochet and she also wanted an afghan. She made a chain stitch as long as she wanted the afghan to be wide and then she (using 2 strand of Homespun yarn) she half double crocheted back and forth until it was long enough to suit her. I believe she was using a size Q hook.


I wonder how long that took her. Bet it’s a pretty afghan.


It probably does belong there.


It doesn’t take long to make an afghan when using 2 strands of worsted. I think it was only a couple of weeks for her.