Crochet or knit?

I’m having a hard time getting the hang of knitting. I crocheted before long ago and think I could just pick that back up. I wanted to learn knitting because of the lacey things you could make. Is that still possible with crochet?

You can absolutely make lacey things with crochet. There are all sorts of patterns for thread crochet that make beautiful lace. I wouldn’t suggest starting there, though. Work with yarn and a larger hook until you have the hang of reading patterns. Then try a lace pattern with yarn before you go to thread. Thread crochet can be frustrating if you’re not comfortable because the hook is so tiny and so is the work.

There are GOBS of lacey things you can make with crochet. Since you already know how to crochet, it should be easy to pick up. :slight_smile:

Great, thank you!!