Crochet or bind off cast on

I finally figured out how to do the provisional cast on ( I thinK) I couldn’t figure out the method shown on this site so at the advise of others i used the method using the crochet hook.I just want to make sure that i did what i think i did. So my question is" i did a crochet or bind off cast on" is that the same as a provisional cast on? And now that i’ve got that on my needles what do i do with it? Do i just cut it and leave it as waste yarn and start knitting onto the stitches with my MC? Let me know what you guys think . You’ve been such a huge help so far!!!:yay:

Oh and just for you own info it’s the Bad JuJu doll from the anti craft website that i’m trying to make.

That’s exactly what you do. Later on, you’ll be instructed to take out the waste yarn and put your ‘live’ stitches on a needle.

But how do i join it in the round if my Mc isn’t what made the bind on row? Do i knit all the way around once and then join it?

Yes–knit a row with your MC and then join. The waste yarn doesn’t have to be joined. It’s just there to hold the MC stitches.