Crochet Me book

Hey guys :slight_smile:

Having done as much crocheting as I have knitting for Christmas, I thought I’d take a leap and buy the Crochet Me book - I like the designs and the quirky way they have of presenting things, even though I don’t post on the forums because I really don’t need another drain on my making stuff time :wink:

It arrived today, along with my Knitting Pattern a Day calendar and the DIY Wedding book from Craft Magazine - both of which are great.

But I just wanted to say about Crochet Me - it’s been a long time since I’ve looked at a book of crochet patterns and thought anything more than ‘that’s technically interesting’ or ‘hmm, that makes me want to make something similar but not that, I’ll go look for another pattern’. This book has a bunch of patterns, at least 3 or 4, that I want to make, for me to wear, NOW! Stuff that might actually flatter my figure, stuff that’s quirky and cute while still being stylish and wearable with anything. I’m amazed! And excited! I was already looking forward to the post-Christmas period when I could knit stuff for me, things I’ve been planning but putting off because of presents to make, but now I have even more things to put on the list! Woo!

Fi xxx

That’s great! :thumbsup: Thanks for the encouraging info on the book!

oh I LOVE this book. I’ve ordered the yarn for hte Icelandic cowl, and I have the yarn for the victorian shrug. I think the book is fantastic, with updated patterns, interesting information, and beautiful pictures.

There is a board on Ravelry for crochet-a-longs from the book, just look up crochet me in the groups. as soon as I get the rowan for the cowl- I’m starting it!

Not sure if you all go to the web-site, but the first time I went there was when the book was being published, and she had a note on the front page about it… because people were wondering WHY she was charging for it, and she was explaining why… I was aghast! Why should she have to defend that?

I can’t put into words what offended me so much. Did any of y’all see that particular post? I tried looking for the actual note … but didn’t find it… Maybe I misinterpreted something, I don’t know?

I am really glad to see that you like the book… Maybe when I get a bit more proficient I will check it out!

I think the issue is that one or more of the patterns had previously been free of charge on the crochet me website. then, gone. Then, people got mad. (shrug) I LOVE books, and pattern books in particular so I would have bought it regardless. it really is interesting reading, little essays from each designer and good instructions!

Ohhh, thanks for the clarification… I was really disheartened! But now I feel better.

Yes! I Love - love books as well… I ready everything from cover to cover…

Although I won’t be buying this book, I’ve had a chance to browse through it and think there are a lot of patterns that are really innovative and stylish. I think the designers did a great job. If I were 30 years younger, I’d be all over this book. Unfortunately, the patterns are a bit TOO stylish for my old body but still, I’m glad to see more patterns for the younger crocheters to get excited over. Some of the current crochet magazines have patterns that are too old fashioned for even me! Occasionally, I’ll browse through my old crochet magazines from the 60’s and 70’s and see them full of what was then young, fresh, fun, “hip” patterns. It’s good to see the younger designers blow some fresh air into crochet.