Crochet Link like this knitting one?

Does anyone know if there is a crochet link that uses CD’s or video for making projects? This link is great for knitting. I am new to knitting.
Thank You

Are you asking whether there’s a site that offers videos on crochet?

Sorry; I’m not clear on what you’re asking.


I don’t know if any of these have videos, but here’s a few links that may help. Don’t forget that You Tube has lots of videos as well.

Oh actually I did find a few.

If you’re looking for actual patterns there are two sites.

And just one thing to add on crochet videos: unlike knitting, or so it seems to me, crochet is handed. So if you’re just starting out, you’ll want to make sure the video matches your handedness. Being a lefty, I was frustrated so much by the right handed crochet instructions when learning. Just a thought, and I hope it helps!

Here’s another good crochet video site. Mikey is a great teacher. Enter Crochet in the subject box to get more beginner type crochet videos.

Try the New Stitch A day website. They have knit and crochet videos. If you subscribe to their email list for the new stitch of the day , you may learn new crochet stitches.

I finally found the link to the crochet forum I used to frequent.

They now have a video link.


I found another great one yesterday:

Another link I needed to find again. I have to finish an afghan I started and have to see how to do it.