Crochet Lace


I have a book called Crochet Lace with complete diagrams. I really love this book but I’m not understanding the patterns very well. In a lot of the ones I want to make there is (N) a certain number of times. How do I know what (N) is? I must have read this book cover to cover a few times now and am still really lost lol.

Thank you to anybody who can help

Can you provide 2 or 3 lines of a sample pattern with this in it? Perhaps (N) is a number to be chosen by the maker (the crocheter), depending on how large/long she wants the project to be. But seeing the lines of a sample pattern may help make it clear.


Can you quote the directions around the part you don’t understand? That might help us figure out what this means.

I think I may have figured it out. *(ch 5, dc1) 2 times, (N) 17 times, dc 7, ch 1, dc 1, (N) 1 time.

I think it means do the instructions in the parenthesis that many times?


Yes, if “N” is given elsewhere, or if you’ve used it to stand in for something else.

In crochet and knitting, instructions inside pairs of * * or ( ) or [ ] are meant to be repeated however many times the instructions say:

  1. ch4 sc 6 times…

  2. (ch4 sc) 6 times…

  3. [ch4 sc] 6 times…

all mean the same thing.

Sometimes, more complex patterns will use sets of these punctuation marks inside other sets. If so, each punctuated set has its own number of repetitions.