Crochet & Knitting Problems

I’m new to knitting and crocheting and I’m struggling with both.

I seem to handle the crochet needle better and have more control with it but my work comes out all curvey. It looks like a snake or a fancy scrunchie.

When I knit my work looks great! But it’s sooooo hard controling the needles!! :lol: I’ll be going along fine and then I’ll realize that I’m not going up thru the loop anymore, but coming down into the loop. How can I just forget what to do after 12 rows??? :shock: Or a bunch of stitches will just mysteriously fall off the right needle!! :x Or my finger will get caught in a loop somewhere and I can’t figure out where I was! :o

Also with knitting, I add an extra stitch on one side. Whats that all about??? :lol:

Otherwise, this is really fun! :smiley:

RE: the crochet thing. I had that problem when I wasn’t making the right number of chains at the end of a row. Also, is it possible that you are chaining tighter than you actually crochet?

RE: the knitting, can’t help you too much with the first dilemna, but the second could be that you are not bringing the yarn behind the needle when you turn your work. It should wrap around counter clockwise, or else you will end up with 2 stitched where there should be just the 1.



Thanks YarnMommy… You were right on both accounts!