Crochet inlay for wedding handkerchief

[COLOR=Blue]Hello all!

I have been asked to do the edging for a wedding handkerchief. I really love the ones that have a corner crochet lace pattern. Has anyone done one of these? Could you share the pattern?
Thank you!

sebago, me [/COLOR]

You can browse through some antique patterns here. It’s kind of annoying though because you have to open the PDF to see inside.You can do ctrl+f and type keywords though so you can find one with at least some edgings in it.I found a really nice hankie edging for a new lamp that way :slight_smile: I would try a library near you too.They tend to have older books with fancy edgings on them and they’re easier to see than the scanned pdf.

Thank you for the link :cheering: . I will hopefully have time today to peruse the list.
sebago, me

Have you thought of browsing a couple of edging books. If you Google edging patterns you will find some nice sites with vintage patterns.

There are a bunch of edgings here.

Here’s one I saw quickly that is the corners.

Thanks Jan! I did print a few off of the site. I have been experimenting on a package of men’s hankies. This is fun! :woot: