Crochet gauge, but not knit gauge on label

I just got some really cute yarn at Hobby Lobby today, “Pitter Patter” in boo pink to make a hat and booties for my baby girl (almost 8 weeks old!). However, in the “square thingy” to show gauge, it just shows the crochet gauge, H-8 hook, 15 SC x 14 R = 4 x 4 inches. Then below the washing instructions (machine washable, whew!) it just says "Use 5 mm Knitting Needles USA - 8/UK Size 6). Doesn’t even have the picture logo for yarn weight like worsted, bulky, super bulky, and the like.

So I guess I just make may own gauge swatch and write the results on the label?

I had gone in there to see if they had the Needlemaster sets in since all knitting needles were half off, but they were all gone! Boo hoo! But I did get a rain check! Yippee!

That is odd. I even looked on their website and there wasn’t anything about gauge. Maybe you can compare the crochet gauge on that label with a crochet gauge on the label of a similar yarn that does have knitting gauge?