Crochet for Knitters

I’m really bummed. I was going to take the above class but no one but me signed up and it was cancelled. It was going to teach how to crochet a button hole, how to crochet a picot and /or crabstitch border and how to crochet pieces of knitting together. Anybody have any good ideas on where this stuff might be or how to access the info? When I saw the ad for the class I actually thought they would be great things for Amy to have videos on.

Check out:

Amy actually is planning on having a crochet counterpart to someday. If you type in you get this forum. :wink:

Bummer about the class!

I haven’t read through the entire book (and I already know how to crochet, so I wasn’t looking for that at the time), but I have the book Knitting Loves Crochet. It’s all about combining the best of both techniques and may contain some helpful information for you.

I checked it out, and it covers buttonholes and borders. I didn’t see anything specifically on crocheting knitted pieces together, but there was some interesting stuff on picking up crochet stitches along knit pieces that may be adaptable.