Crochet FO and Knitting WIPs

FO: Blanket made for my Mom. It’s crocheted.

WIPs: Irish Hiking Scarf and the Kenobi Jacket.

I’ve got about 10 inches on the Kenobi done, but haven’t had the chance to take a picture of it yet.

Very nice!!

Those are great!

[size=1]I hate clicking links to see the photos though… [/size] :shifty:

That blanket is big! That was a ton of work! I’m impressed! Love your stuff.

:notworthy: Thx for the comments.

I’ll try to post updates directly to the thread next time Jan.

Ronda: Actually…this is the smallest blanket I’ve made. The largest, was large enough to sheath a queen size bed and still hang a little. I made it for my bf.
I wanted a queen size originally, but I messed up my measurements waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay bad.
He loves the blanket though :teehee:

Your blankets are beautiful :slight_smile:

OMG~~ the crocheted blanket is beautiful~~
and I :heart: the scarf~!