Crochet flowers wanted

hi ,would anybody like to make some crochet flowers for me .i need quite a few.
will to buy or swapp for something that i have (beeds,knitted food,knitted tea cosy)

What kind/size/color flowers do you need? And how many?

size of a 10p about 50 for now would need more later and colours pink,white,lilac,lemon
thanks for asking!!

Do you have a pattern and the yarn for the flowers? I don’t know what a 10p is – is that a dime? :aww: Also, when would you need them by?

i do have pattern and the yarn.would need them for november and would need some more later on to.

what a dimer!! willing to send a coin to!! for size

If you want to send me a copy of the pattern, I’ll see if it’s something I think I can tackle. I know I can do it, the question is can I do so many by November? I’ll be able to tell if you send the pattern or a link to the pattern if it’s online.