Crochet Eggshell - Need Help

crocheting an egg shell
Hi I am Pattani,

i am new to this message, but i need help in crochet i am trying to make eggshell in crochet but don’t understand pattern.

please if anyone know this pattern please explain me what is this pattern says,

the pattern is like this.

R1: Ch 2, 5 sc in second ch from hook.
R2: 2sc in each sc around ( 10 sts )
R3: Sc 1, 2 sc in next sc, rep 5 times (15sts)
R4: Sc 15.
R5: Sc 2 2sc in next sc, rep 5times ( 20sts)
R6: Sc 3, 2 sc in next sc, rep5times ( 25sts)
R7- 9:Sc 25.
R10: BPsc 25.
R11: sc 3, dec 1, rep 5 times…( 20sts )

fasten off and weave in ends.

i want to join the group n post

Can someone help this new forum member?

Welcome Pattani! This is certainly a great place to look for help on a pattern.

It would be very helpful if you could provide a link to the pattern, or post a picture of the finished item. This would make the pattern much easier to understand. Also if you could provide information on any abbreviations used in the pattern, that would be helpful too.

It seems that this pattern is crocheting in the round, increasing each row until the end, then decreasing in the last round before tying off, but I don’t see how this would make an eggshell. I just can’t picture it in my head.

Could you post a picture?


Hello Panttani!
You are crocheting in the round. If it will help you put a piece of contrasting yarn at the end of the first round and that way you can count your stitches. When you end the second round, put another piece of contrasting thread. At the end of the second round move the first piece to indicate the end of round three or use another piece of contrasting thread. When you get to the final round where you are decreasing and closing up the egg you will have an egg.
“R3: Sc 1[COLOR=Red]This might be easier to understand if it said sc in first sc[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]and then 2sc in the next sc[/COLOR], 2 sc in next sc, rep 5 times (15sts)”

Just reverse the sc2 to read 2sc in the space they are referring to. As you do the rounds the egg will start to be formed because the rounds started the way it was curls up.

Welcome to posting!

I find myself wondering if your question might be what the abbreviations mean. :shrug: This is a crochet pattern and you have joined a knitting help forum. I’d like to know if English is your first language. US to UK crochet term differ, so that could be part of your question.

[B]Ch[/B] is a chain stitch.
[B]Sc[/B] is the US English single crochet (UK English use the term DC or double crochet)
[B]sts[/B] is an abbreviation of stitches, and they are giving a stitch count at the end of each round ®.
[B]BPsc[/B] is a back post single crochet. :think: (This is usually done with double crochet - US or Treble crochet -UK stitches or larger).

This is a three dimensional pattern, not only are you crocheting around in a circle but it will not lay flat. R4 will begin to give it a cup or bowl shape.

One odd detail is that the pattern does not say to join at the end of a round with a slip stitch and then a chain to raise your hook up to the top of the next round. This could mean the author intends you to make a spiral and not separate rounds. If it is a spiral, you would be well advised to use a scrap of contrasting color yarn to mark the end of your first round. *Amigurumi is done in this method.

In any case it should look like you are crocheting a skull cap or beanie hat for an egg. :thumbsup:

Post again to let us know if we have helped you or if you have more questions about specific instructions.

That back post single crochet, perhaps? I’ll look for a drawing or video to link.

Learning to read crochet patterns: ([B][U]Annie’s Attic[/U][/B])
( )

Amigurumi video: (Wonder How to)
( )

As for the bpsc, which I forgot to mention. It is done the same way a back post is done if it were a double crochet. I am working a doily which uses bpsc as the follow up row to starting a pineapple pattern.