Crochet Drawstring Purse

Here is a little drawstring purse I crocheted from a free pattern online. I also made it in black and along the top edge of the ruffle I crocheted in turquoise and silver beads, but I forgot to take a picture before I gave it away. This the plain test version I did in pink and the link to the pattern on Michael’s website.


Ooooo I like!!!

[COLOR=“Purple”][I]OMG, that is so pretty…thanks a bunch…I went there and got it…it will be perfect for christmas gift to my girls…and myself of course…[/I][/COLOR]

You’re welcome! I do have a suggestion. After you crochet the bottom the pattern says to cut out a cardboard circle using the bottom as a pattern. You then insert this into the purse when you are finished to stabalize the bottom. I didn’t like the look of just having the cardboard in the bottom, so I crocheted two more of the bottom circle portions of the purse, the put the card board circle inside and sewed it up. This made the bottom “finished” and a little bit sturdier. You can also then “tack” this in to the bottom with some matching needle and thread to make sure it doesn’t move.

[I][COLOR=“Red”][SIZE=“3”]I have another suggestion, you could use plastic canvas…you could still crochet another bottom if you want or you could do it on the plastic canvas…this way if it ever gets wet for whatever reason…then you don’t have to worry about messing up the cardboard…[/SIZE][/COLOR][/I]

Great idea!