Crochet dog pattern
Im on row 1 of right neck shaping section. What does it mean to “work across next 13 sts”? There isnt any directions specifying what pattern to use.

Right Neck Shaping: Note: Maintain established pattern throughout.

It looks like you go back to row 3, based on: Rows 9-11: Repeat rows 3-5: 36 (39, 42, 45) sts. Repeat row 6 for a total of 21(25, 29, 33) rows.

I really don’t do great at figuring it out unless I’m dong the pattern so if this doesn’t work I expect someone else will have a better answer.

It looks to me that you want to work across these sts continuing the pattern of 2dc, FPdc or BPdc and FPdc or BPdc, 2dc as given in rows 2-8. You should be able to see the established pattern and repeat it to continue the rows. The important thing is to maintain the columns of sts as best you can as you work the decreases.
I find that it helps to look at the pattern repeats in parentheses for the earlier row. You don’t want to increase on these rows.