Crochet cast-on?

i was forced to learn the crochet CO as a pattern called for it explicitly. to my delight, it’s my new favorite CO. does anyone know what projects it would NOT be appropriate for? i know it matches the bind-off, so are there times that is just not right?

thanks! :slight_smile:

I’d use it for scarves and such when you want the ends to match, or if you want to add an edging later. I don’t think I’d bother for, say, the ribbing on the bottom of a sweater. I also don’t think bind off is as stretchy as cast on, so that might be a consideration.

I think its the easiest provisional cast on, though, too.

i most frequently use long-tail, occasionally the e-wrap, but i just LOVE this crochet one now! i love how even it is and how the first row looks. i’ve used it on another project already, i love it that much. :wink:

thanks for your help!