Crochet cast on

I have a patter for the cutest baby set and I would love to make it but the socks call for a crochet cast on. What exactly is a crochet cast on. (Basket weave baby set.)


Just checked the pattern, it is cute! Here
is a link that shows the 2 ways of doing a crochet provisional
cast on. It is down the page a bit under the title
"Invisible Crochet Cast On".

As the pattern is having you do a provisional cast on that
will be removed later, you could do any type of provisional
cast on if the crocheted one is confusing. There is a video
on this site herethat shows a different method and I am
sure if you did a google search for provisional cast on you
would come up with a lot of info! :slight_smile:

I was watching a knitting show a couple of weeks ago and the guest for the day to cast on the stitches using a crochet needle. I don’t think that it is called provisional cast on. Can some one help me? :??

Crochet CO can be a regular cast on too; just use the regular yarn instead of scrap yarn.