Crochet cast on, working in knit stich

Hi all - up until this point I’ve knitted very basic items: a wash cloth, blanket, and 2 ponchos (ease knit rectangles). I’m attempthing a felted daypack from the Winter '04 Interweave - likely a much too difficult task for my skills, however I’ve decided to dive on in.

The “Base” instructions state: With crochet hook and contrasting waste yarn, ch 52. With black and cir needle, pick up and knit 1 st in the back of each ch - 52 sts. Do not join.

I made a crochet chain of 52 stitches in some extra wool yarn I had, then, not knowing quite what to do, I slowly knit into the chain. Re-doing it a few times to finally get the right number of stitches. The crochet chain was sort of just dangling and I would pick up each loop on the left needle and knit until the 52 loops were worked into 52 knit stitches. I’ve never heard of casting on this way - have I done this correctly? Also, what does this type of casting on achieve and what happens to the “waste yarn”?

Many, many thanks for any insight!

  • Jen

It sounds like you did it right. Actually, you can’t really go wrong as long as you have the right number of stitches.

When you’re finished knitting, you’ll probably have to graft that edge to another edge using the kitchener stitch. Using a crochet chain to cast on enables you to just “rip” the chain out leaving the live stitches ready to be grafted.

And for future reference, I find it easier to make the chain longer than needed. That way you’ll never run out of chains and have to start over. Just stop when you’ve picked up the required amount of stitches.

Oh gosh, thank you so much for posting!! Now I’m able to continue w/ a bit more confidence. I also just looked up the kitchener stitch, so I totally get where we’re going w/ this. I’ve got a sock class coming up and hopefully they’ll integrate more on the kithener stitch when we work the toe. In the meantime - I’m crossing my fingers & needles, this backpack turns out okay. :XX:

Thank you!