Crochet cast on/bind off?

I want to knit this cowl:

with some sport/worsted weight chenille I’ve got. The instructions call for using a crochet cast on and then a crochet bind-off at the end.

I’ve never heard of these. Does anyone have a video they recommend to learn how to do this?

Any/all help is GREATLY appreciated.


Guess what? It’s the same as a provisional cast on except for the last loop you crochet. I was dubious about finding anything and was thinking it would have to be pretty much the same thing. I’m glad you asked!

Crochet Cast On

And here’s a video for the crochet bind off which also gives you a neat chain edge. If you knit tightly, you might use a size larger crochet hook or knitting needle for both the cast on and bind off to make sure they are loose and stretchy.

How would I finish off the crochet bind-off when I’m knitting in the round??


This method might work out for you.

That bind off looks perfect. Here are a few more for avoiding a jog when you bind off in the round.

It’s kind of funny actually but casting off and binding off are almost actually the same thing except for the last stitch. This confused me a little bit when i first started following patterns and then I realised that i didn’t have to learn anything new, just keep doing what I was originally doing. Look up the link below if you have any more questions. I hope your project turns out good!

Hope I helped