Crochet By Numbers. WOW!

This blows my mind! I’m not a big crocheter, but am seriously considering doing this! If anyone’s tried this I’d love to hear about it.

Have you guys heard of Crochet by Numbers? I found the group on Ravelry, and some amazing pics there! Their website is

Here’s one of the inventor’s own projects. See website above for lots more! There are photo and video tutorials on the website, as well as a sample patterns to try before you dive in. I’m just finishing up a project before I do mine.

I absolutely love the crochet by numbers art work!

The first one I ever saw was this portrait of a little,Black baby and it just about moved me to tears.I never thought one could knit or crochet artwork this intricate, but in retrospect, they’ve basically just translated pixels into stitches which doesn’t sound as hard.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a knit portrait quite as detailed.I wonder if it would work out as great.

Yes it is, but I just can’t get over how great it looks.