Crochet beginner need help

Im new to crochet and im interested in doll making
Here is the pattern

At first the pattern says to make 2 ch
But after that in row one the pattern says
[ round 1 (rs) 6 dc (sc) into 2nd ch from hook, ss to rst dc (sc). 6 sts.]
And here is where I can’t get how to do it
Please if anyone can help me do it i would be so grateful
Thank you :slight_smile:

Yoni, are you following the US or the UK directions?

The pattern is in the uk direction but you can find the us conversion in parentheses
Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s very thoughtful of them but which one are you following? It’ll make it simpler for someone to help you.

Ohh sorry :speak_no_evil:
I’m following the uk directions

You’re going to work 6 dc into a single stitch. The stitch you work into is the first chain stitch that you made. It’ll be 2 chains from the hook. Use the slip stitch (ss) to join the round. The last demonstration in this tutorial shows using the ss to join. (They join to the 3rd stitch but you’ll be joining to the first stitch)
These small toys can be challenging but it’s a very cute project and you’ll undoubtedly learn many new techniques.

Chain two.
Work 6 double crochets all into the second chain from the hook. (the first chain made)
Slip stitch into the first (first of the six) double crochet. Single crochet to turn.
By the sounds of this pattern, you should end up with a circle of stitches resembling a flower/daisy or center of a doily. I hope this helps.
Vicki Henderson