Crochet Band on Knitted sweater

I have this very old pattern from A McCalls Needleworks and Crafts magazine. It was a Stiped baby hooded sweater in worsted weight, sizes 1 2 3. My problem, (maybe it is in my head) but I can’t seem to get a nice flat crocheted band and buttonhole band. Is there a trick to this?
This pattern dates back to the 70’s but if you can find it you will love it. I used to make tons of these but now am hoping to make some for a mission project in the Appelacioun (SPELLING) Mountains.

Is the button hole band also crocheted? The trick is probably the size of the crochet hook you use and how many stitches you pick up. You may have to fool around with it a bit to find the right combination. If it is seeming too much try going down in hook size and/or taking fewer stitches.

I’ve been looking on the internet and wonder if I should just cast on five extra stitches on each side and work the band from that later. I really don’t like a sewed on band , and is it as sturdy?
As for the button holes in the band, yes they are done as you get the the third row of crochet, you just chain two and pick up on the next row.

Sometimes with hoods there are things that have to be considered up at the top of the bands if you do different bands. But if this pattern is written for adding several rows of crochet along the edge I don’t see why you couldn’t just as well knit them. You could do like you say and add stitches to be worked for the bands and then sew it on, but I don’t like to do the sewing if I can avoid it. :wink:

My favorite bands are knit on, I think they give a nice sturdy border. I pick up stitches along the front button band first and work it in ribbing or garter or seed stitch. I find it usually works nicely if you use 2 sizes of needle smaller for the band (sometimes 1 size smaller works) than you knit the sweater with and pick up 1, 2, 3 and skip one all up the side, absolute perfection is not required.

I then manage to pick up the same number on the button hole side. To decide where to put the buttonholes I have a very technical way of doing it. :lol: I make a mark on a sheet of paper for each stitch. After figuring out how many stitches I need for each buttonhole (often two) I use my marks to see how evenly I can space the buttonholes. I make them ___ number of stitches apart and mark the stitches that will be used for the buttonholes themselves. I usually get all the buttonholes the same number of stitches apart and adjust the placement of the top and bottom buttonholes to make everything work. I use a little math sometimes but always check it with my visual crutch. I sometimes have to make several attempts to find the set up that works best. Then when I knit the buttonhole row I use the numbers of stitches I’ve figured out for the placement.

The sewn on band you mention will be nice too. Make it slightly shorter than the edge of the sweater and stretch it a bit as you sew it on.