Crochet and knit in within one piece?

First of all, I’m so happy to be back here, I’ve missed y’all!:hug: I was in the hospital for a few weeks due to complications from inner ear surgery (they’re trying to restore at least some hearing in my left ear because I lost the hearing in my left ear due to a severe head injury a few years ago) and I’m finally back home. sigh.
Okay, now I know about crocheted edging on a knitted piece, but what I’m wondering is can crochet be combined with knitting in the same piece? For example, say I’m knitting a scarf (and I’ll be making a few as presents)…could I knit a few rows then switch to crochet for a few, back and forth for instance? I would appreciate any thoughts!:wink:

I hope your surgery is a success and you get your hearing back. That would be wonderful.

I think knit and crochet could work, probably someone has done it. I ran a quick search which didn’t yield much that would be helpful. I know I’ve seen some discussion on this before but don’t recall what people ended up doing. I’d say play with a few stitches of each and see what happens. If you like the result, go for it on a larger scale. Maybe someone else will have something more useful for you.

Give it a try on a swatch piece. You can probably pick up stitches on the edge of a crocheted piece and then knit. And kind of bind off the knit stitches and then pick up those loops with a crochet hook.

I haven’t tried it, but it seems doable in my head. :think:

:grphug: Thanks to you both. I’ll try it out on a swatch; for now I’ll keep it a solid color just to see the texture. I’ll let you know how it works out! If it turns out decent I’ll post a pic.

:yay: Actually if it doesn’t turn out and you post a picture and explain the problem we can maybe give some more help. It’s an interesting idea.

Just post in this same thread so others can see what suggestions were already given.

There’s a lot of patterns where the main portion is knit and have a crochet edging. Caron has a shawl, it’s knit sideways with the edging picked up so you could make that long and narrow and more of a scarf. Elann has a pattern for a pinwheel cardigan that has a crocheted edging. It’s with their Lara yarn and is in red (to help you find it because I don’t have a link).

While reading the other posts I got to thinking of alternating crochet and knit drop stitch (yarn overs that are dropped off the needle the next row, in case I’m using the wrong term) could be an interesting combination, I’m not sure how you’d do it.

Another thought. If you worked the row before you swith to knit in Tunisian crochet you’d already have the stitches on the needle. Tunisian is thicker and stiffer than regular crochet and knitting but it might be OK in this case. I dunno.

Thanks to you all for your good advice…I’ll put to use your ideas! And Jan in CA, how big a help you are as to posting a pic even if it’s crappy (that’s a technical term) and y’all will help me work it out. I love this forum for all the help!:heart:

I do it all the time. I like to crochet mittens top down because it’s easier and faster than knitting. But I don’t like the crochet rib cuffs or the FP,BP thing. So I pick up stitches and do my cuffs in a knitting rib. They’re a hybrid I call them. Experiment. The worst that could happen is you’ll have to frog and use the yarn for something else.

I apologize for bumping this post up again :aww: but I just had to say-ladyinpj’s, your lovely mittens look so toasty and comfy, and are a great sample piece of knitting and crocheting in one piece! Thank you for posting them. I need to get to work on a sample piece, taking the advice from folks on this thread. :knitting: When I finish it, I’ll post back on this thread again.

I think a hybrid crochet-knit piece would work really well. And oh the possibilities available to you!!

I’m a much better crocheter than knitter, so I tend to “think in crochet” rather than “in knit.” In particular, when a pattern calls for something like a small circle (such as for the eyes on an animal hat) or for straps on a dress, I immediately think of how to do this in crochet (and usually opt for that method). I, like the lady in pjs, have also created things where I knit the ribbing and then switch to crochet for the hat (or whatever). This works fabulously, by the way!!

Here are a few tips for combining the two crafts:

  1. You really need to bind off your knitting LOOSELY (I usually bind off through the back loop). The key is to make sure you can get your crochet hook through the bound off stitches (ask me how I know!).

  2. Keep in mind that crocheted fabric is thicker than knitted fabric when using equivalent needle/hook sizes. For this reason, you might want to go with a smaller crochet hook size and/or a lacy crochet pattern.

  3. It’s probably going to be a lot easier to pick up stitches on a crocheted edge that is straight. However, crocheting into an irregularly shaped knitted edge will probably not be a problem since you can usually choose [I]where[/I] to place your “next stitch” in crochet.

Please do post a picture. I’d love to see your hybrids!