Crochet advise please

Hi. I’m trying to crochet a bobble hat and I want one half to be one colour and the other to be another colour. However I want the split vertical. I’m having no joy with this and wonder if if anyone has any ideas that I could try. Many thanks in advance :+1:

Can you crochet this hat flat, working back and forth, and then seam it up the back?
The same problem comes up in knitting two colors in the round. To knit you would do short rows where you knit to the color change (point A) turn and knit back to the start (point B) then pick up the second color and continue around to point A, reverse direction back to point B. You’re effectively working 2 rows per color before changing. I don’t know if you can do this in crochet.

Working flat is key I think unless you want way too many ends to deal with.

You could work one piece changing color at the middle of each row then seam it as salmonmac suggests.

You could crochet the different color sections separately then seam them.

When I was working a similar color change I found that for me, working the two colors separately and then joining the edges worked best.