Cricket Cove

Hi All,

As many of you Maritimers know it can be difficult to buy some of the ‘top’ end products that you see in all the knitting mags, etc.

Cricket Cove has three locations…St. Andrews, Blacks Harbours & now in the Saint John City Market, so come on in and visit. We carry loads of great procducts including; Briggs and Little, Lantern Moon, Colinette, Noro, Feza, you name it we have it! If by chance we don’t have what your looking for we will be glad to see if it’s possible to place an order for you.

We also have several knitting classes and online shopping!

Hope to see you there!

So, whatever happened to the one that was in the quilting store in Quispamsis? If they bought Maggie’s yarn, who got theirs? I found that they had a much better selection in Brown Sheep Co. yarn than the one in the Market. Plus, it was closer to me which was awesome because I’d really like a 16" US8 circ that’s not bamboo (I find that I can’t slide the yarn easily enough) and I hardly ever get to go Uptown.

Yes, it was really too bad that Rothesay had to close, however, it wasnt a good location from what I hear…the store it’s self doesn’t really have the feel of ‘strip mall’ and just not getting enough traffic.

Sorry to hear that it worked better for you…the Market, as well as Black’s Harbour & St. Andrew’s got the yarns from Rothesay.