Crib Cozy

My son has decided that instead of taking naps, his crib looked pretty tasty. What’s a knitting mama to do…whip up some crib cozies! Done in el cheapo - Red Heart.


That is very clever and colorful!! Cute baby!

One smart mama, for sure! With a too cute baby :cheering:

Cute, fun colors! And a cute little guy, too! I love babies with new teeth coming in…they are so adorable!

That is cute! :heart: Your son is a cutie! :heart: Great idea! :wink:

Great idea! Your son is just tooooooo cute! :heart:

awwww- love the idea, and the baby. neat! (isn’t teething fun?)

Very cool idea. I must have gotten luck my son doesn’t try to eat his crib. :teehee:


Oh, and the crib cozies are cute too! :slight_smile:


Too cool ~!!

Baby says~ snack attack~~!! :teehee:

What a clever mommy~! :cheering:

Thank you for your responses! I was so excited because it was the first thing I have ever knitted without a pattern! Yay!


lol that crib sure does looks tasty but the cozy looks even better what a cute idea. :cheering:

What a great idea!!! :notworthy: