Crew Neck Help

I am making a jumper for my little brother and I don’t know how to knit a crew neck. I think it has something to do with circular needles and ribbing. Please can someone explain what you have to do?


What did the pattern directions tell you to do? Or did it just say to knit a crew neck? It does involve ribbing and circulars, but the pattern should give you a bit more info as to how you should do it for your sweater.

If you are wanting to adapt a pattern you are better off doing a search on knitting patterns for crew necked items and looking at how they are constructed and then considering what to do. Someone here may have a suitable pattern but try:

In the women’s clothing section for pullovers there is an example or two of crew necked items.

Thankyou :slight_smile:
I know how to do it now!!